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Phone Numbers:

Main Office: (515) 727-1860

Fax: (515) 727-1861




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Club Coach & Staff Requirements

Age Requirements

  • Coaches must be an Adult and out of High School 
  • Junior Age Assistant must have adult 21 or older and can only coach on teams at least 2 years younger
  • Chaperones must be 25 years of age.

USA Volleyball Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics. 
Required for Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Jr Age Assistant Coaches and adults in Junior Clubs as chaperones or officials.

  • The Online Membership process populates form, once the adult indicates they will be working with a junior club, officiating or directing at junior events.
  • If an adult member needs the form at a later date they will find a link to their form in their membership.
  • Note** Junior age assistant coaches must submit a hard copy of the Junior Personnel Code of Ethics Form on 

    Signed by both the junior aged coach and their parent/guardian.

    Send to IA Region Office, 

    8170 Hickman Road Ste. 5, Clive, IA 50325. 

    FAX: 515-727-1861

USAV Background Screening Required for Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Jr Age Assistant Coaches and adults in Junior Clubs as chaperones or officials.

  • The screening is needed for an adult (18 years old) when they are associated with a junior program or working junior events. 
  • The Screening must be passed and is good for 2 years. During the registration process this form will appear if you indicated you are working with junior programing.
  • NOTE: When a Junior Aged Assistant Coach becomes 18 years they need a USAV background screening. When officially 18/older go on line and complete the form in their USAV membership area.

USOC SafeSport certification 

Required for Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Jr Age Assistant Coaches and adults in Junior Clubs as chaperones or officials.

Required all coaching staff before interacting with junior athletes. 

IMPACT Coaching Certifications 
Required for Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Jr Age Assistant Coaches

  • Coach cannot be on a team roster until requirement is completed.
  • Once certification is completed it need not be taken again.
  • Coaching Year 1
    IMPACT Part A for in region events.  
    Full IMPACT Part A & B for out of region, Qualifiers or National events. 
  • Coaching Year 2 
    Full IMPACT (must complete Part B) for all USAV event in and out of region.

Completing Requirements


  • Membership page 
  • Coaches & Assistant Coaches Select $50 full membership
  • Chaperones, team officials (who are not coaches) Select $30 Parent membership
  • Payment must be made to start membership and background screenings.
  • Indicate you’re working with a junior club. 

This will activate the background screening process if you need one this season. They are good for 2 years

This will launch the Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics that you need to read and accept.


You will need to select USA Volleyball as your sport 

Enter your USAV Membership Number- you only 

need the 7 numbers.

IMPACT Coaching Certification

IMPACT Coaching page 

Option 1
USAV On-Demand Course online course cost $40.

Option 2

 Iowa Region IMPACT coursefor free.

  •  Course options and dates found in Webpoint/ Your Membership  under the "Region Coaching Clinics" tab.

Officiating Requirements

Iowa Region Junior Clinics information

  • To Sign-up for online clinics- On November 1st, 2017
  • Completed courses good until Oct 31, 2019.
  • Go to Webpoint/ Membership
  • On left side bar go to Region Clinics
  • Select Region Referee & Scoring Clinics
  • Then register for Scoring and Referee clinics separately
  • Enter the USAV Academy to take courses-
    Red USAV Academy link is on the bottom of the left side bar.
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