Region Commissioner Announces Retirement

Dear volleyball friends, family and Iowa Region members.

After 24 years of working at one of the best jobs in the world I am retiring. I have enjoyed working with all the members past and present in the Iowa Region as well as USA Volleyball. In my time as commissioner, I have made wonderful friends, memories and great stories. I’m sure all my teammates on the Noisy Crickets and other teams can tell you about “my stories”.

Don’t worry you will still see me around a bit longer as I plan on retiring in December of this year. Plans are in the works to start the search for a new commissioner and the Board of Directors will work hard to find you the best new commissioner possible. And who wouldn’t want to be commissioner of the best region in USA Volleyball. I know the region staff will carry on all the great member services and programs. They are the best. The great times and programs I have run as commissioner would not have been without their support and comradey. I the laughter and stories we share. I will miss that.

So, what am I going to do in retirement? Well I plan to spend time with my husband Richard and my four grandchildren.  I will read books, make quilts, work in my flower garden and stay up to the wee hours of the morning (my favorite time) watching Netflix. Two of my grandkids, a girl and a boy are already starting to play volleyball. I hope I can be a good spectator or coach to them. Hopefully I’m not too old to remember all that good advice I’ve given on this subject and remember to use it. I also plan to continue playing volleyball and working on volleyball education programs.

My greatest joy in this job has been to witness the growth of the “game” of volleyball in Iowa. I have had the pleasure to see to see kids I’ve coached or adult players I’ve played against giving back and spread the joy of volleyball is priceless. To know that Iowans know winning is important, but having fun while playing is the real goal. I have been truly blessed by all those I’ve meet on my journey as commissioner.

Thanks my volleyball friends for making my life fuller.

Lynne Updegraff
Iowa Region Commissioner

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