Iowa Women’s Team makes Podium in Florida

It looked great for the Women’s PVL team in Florida too winning all but one round for a second place finish!

Round one started off really well for Team Iowa Ice. They won their first two sets with scores  of 25-21 and 25-13. However, Team IE took the next set with a 21-25 finish. The last set had Iowa Ice back were they wanted to be with a 25-17 score and overall win for that match.

The Iowa Ice lost only one set in the second round too. The first two sets were Iowa wins with 26-24 and 25-22. The Florida wave wanted a home victory and winning set three with 17-25 as the score. The Iowa Ice did not let that stop them and ended up wining the last set with 25-20 and winning this match.

Rounds three though six were dominated by the Iowa Ice. In these rounds they played NorCal Wildfire, Lakeshore Surge, North Texas PVL, and Chesapeake Riding Tide. All were with close set scores but the Iowa Ice was persistent and won all three rounds.

The last round and the last playoff was against the Florida Wave which Iowa Ice played in round two and won. Florida wanted a different outcome this time and wanted the win. They started off with the first set score being 25-20 the Florida Wave. Then Florida dominated the next two sets with score of 29-27 and 25-23. Florida getting that win which they wanted in round two but Iowa stopped them.

Overall the Iowa Ice dominated for six rounds straight which is impressive! They finished on the podium in second place!

Women's Volleyball 2016




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