Iowa Men’s Team making History in Florida

The Men’s PVL team made history and finally got a victory which they have been wanting for so many years.

The Men’s team, the Iowa Icemen’s first match overall went well. The first set started off slow with a 25-12 score and Team Pineapple dominating the round. Then things started to pick up for the Iowa Icemen. All rounds were close with the second set of 19-25 Iowa Icemen, 25-19 Team Pineapple, and again 25-20 Team Pinnapple.

The next team Iowa Icemen had to play was Team SportConX. That round was pretty even with the first set being  25-22 followed by 25-20, 17-25, and 25-19. Team SportConX also took this round.

Match three was against the NE Midnight Riders and the Iowa Icemen were looking to write how this round would end. The first set was very competitive with a 25-21 win for Iowa. The next couple sets were close with a  26-28 and 23-25 but resulting in the NE Midnight Riders taking those. The Iowa Icemen did not like that very well and went on to win the next two sets resulting in 25-16 and 15-8. Overall the Iowa Icemen were the winners of round three.

The fourth match was all really close and going back and forth with Team IE. The set scores were 22-25 an Iowa victory, 25-22, 25-15, and 25-23 all Team IE controlling those.

The Iowa Icemen were wanting another overall win and they got it. These set scores were all close too starting off with a 22-25. Then followed by 29-27, 28-26, and 25-22 to make Iowa be the ones to watch.

The last match before the playoffs was a tight round with SoCal Avalanche winning. The scores were 22-25, 21-25, 25-21, 25-23, and 15-12. In the end SoCal Avalanche  managed to get the win.

Playoffs are here and Iowa is determined to win. The first playoff match started out 25-23 the Great Lakes Lightening. Then Iowa took their momentum and ended up with a 20-25 and 30-32 score. In the end the Great Lakes Lightening won the round by winning the final two sets 25-17 and 16-14, but Iowa’s dreams may still come true with the last playoff against the Badger Region Lights out.

The last playoff meant business for the Iowa Icemen and knew they needed a win for a podium finish. It started off with a Badger win with 21-25. Then the next two sets were close and each got a win with  25-21 and 23-25. Iowa dominated the next two rounds with scores of 25-18 and 15-9 making them finish in 3rd place. This was the first time in history that the Iowa Men’s team won!

Men's Volleyball 2016




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