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Iowa Teams Perform Well at USA Nationals

boys team

Congratulations to our region teams that competed in Girls and Boys Junior National Tournaments this summer. We sent 36 teams from the Region and we are PROUD of each and every one!

Some Highlights are CIA 15 Black (3rd place National Division), Adrenaline 17 Rox (5th Place American Division), CIS 17M (5th Place American Division), Iowa Rockets 17R (6th Place USA Division), Iowa Rockets 17 Black (5th Place Patriot Division), Six Pack 18 (5th Place National Division), IPVA 18 Black (3rd Place American Division).

All-Tournament Award Winners:
Tayah Mahi, Abigail Weideman (CIA 15 Black – 15 National Division)
Tessa Mendoza (CIS 17M – 17 American Division)
Megan Sharkey (Iowa Rockets 17R – USA Division)
Rachel Koop (Six Pack 18 – 18 National Division)
IPVA 18 Black (18 American Division)

For a complete list of finishes please click here: 2015 Jr National Results.

For award photos from GJNC please click here:  2015 Girls Natls Award Photos